Hammertime Wednesday Run

Mother Nature has been very unpredictable over the winter months lately so we’ve moved indoors to help us achieve the quality workouts we’re aiming for. 

We now meet at Planet Fitness on Merivale Rd at 18:15, warm up for 15min then get into a solid treadmill workout together.  No matter how fast the others are, it’s easy to keep up!

Everyone has to have a membership to Planet Fitness.  This cost $15/month for a regular membership.  It’s a great deal and it can be stopped almost any time, so get it for the winter then pause it for the summer.

Aside from warm-up and cool-down, workouts total duration is about an hour.

All abilities are welcome, and workouts can be tailored to suit ability and race schedule.

For more details, contact Rick at zone3sports@gmail.com

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