Hammertime Tuesday Run

We meet at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility on Riverside Drive at 18:00 for a solid run workout on the track and hill just outside the gates.

Warm-up runs are done on your own, then at 18:14, we re-group and Coach Rick takes the group through standard running drills, some dynamic stretching, and then get into the workout.

Mother Nature has been very unpredictable over the winter months lately so we’ve moved indoors to help us achieve the quality workouts we’re aiming for.

Aside from warm-up and cool-down, workouts total volume is between 5km and 8km.

All abilities are welcome, and workouts can be tailored to suit ability and race schedule.

Cost is $5 per workout (payable Rick) + the $4.75 cost to get in the facility (payable at the front desk).

For more details, contact Rick at zone3sports@gmail.com